Cecilia Cuff


Cecilia Cuff

A 20-year veteran of the hospitality scene, Cecilia Cuff first earned kudos and a lust for high end event planning and doing events at Oprah Winfrey Studios in Chicago.

Cecilia grew to help launch several brands with spectacular opening events and accelerated high end customer base loyalty such as The Grand Lux & Gin Bucks in Chicago, Hyatt in Miami, Lake Tahoe, Curacao, New Orleans and most recently moved to Taos to assist in the renaissance of Taos Ski Valley as Food & Beverage Director as well as curation of VIP experiences for several multi-day music festivals.

Cecilia’s career client list brags seamlessly handling celebrities from Sheryl Crow, Lil Wayne, Emeril Lagasse, Snoop Dog, Rihanna, Kanye West, Seal, Brad Pitt & Angela Jolie. Cecilia’s wheelhouse is being faced with adversity and using creativity to differentiate; running 100+ person teams for Frito Lay, NCAA, New Orleans Saints, Pepsi and other corporate clientele with multimillion-dollar annual budgets or hosting intimate VIP groups of 25 or producing galas for a guest list of over 3,000.

Cecilia now operates her own firm, The Nascent Group and is a managing operating partner in the launch of the Iconic Taos Venue, The Stakeout on Outlaw Hill. As a managing partner of The Stakeout on Outlaw Hill, Cecilia looks forward to pushing unbridled and wild creativity in event execution. With the strong support of local farmers, ranchers, chefs, distillers, winemakers, hoteliers and her richly diverse and respected staff, the future of the Stakeout on Outlaw Hill is undeniable.

The core values for the operation stand strong on values of community engagement and inclusion, culinary and cocktail celebration and paying homage to the history and culture of the space in which they inhabit. The Stakeout events promise an incredible sense of intimacy, exploration and family both new and old.